History of rho epsilon

1947- First student real estate chapter established at the University of Southern California (USC)


1953- USC chapter renamed as the Rho Epsilon Professional Real Estate Fraternity; 2nd chapter established at UCLA


1954- A third chapter was established at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. There were 51 charter student members and the organization was known as the Rho Epsilon Professional Real Estate Society, rather than Fraternity, perhaps to make it clear that women were welcome as members.


1955- Fourth chapter established at the University of Nebraska at Omaha


1959- Chapters were established at New York University, the City College of New York, and the University of Florida


1960-1975- 20 new chapters were founded


1966-UIUC chapter becomes inactive


1976- UIUC chapter reactivated in the spring semester


1984- Total of 32 active chapters


1993- Rho Epsilon is merged with the Lambda Alpha International Student Association (LAISA) in order to provide proper national administrative support


2002- LAISA decides that it can no longer provide support to Rho Epsilon chapters and that those chapters who chose to could become LAISA chapters. The UIUC chapter decided to become independent and was re-named as the Rho Epsilon Real Estate Student Association in Fall of 2002

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